“Let’s Talk JAB” Part II

As we watch him grow, time seems so rushed when every moment with him counts. I am so amazed, at how far he has come. JAB is now going on 9, unbelievable!!! A very typical little man. That’s how I see him. His vices are his Samsung tablet in which he calls (“tablet white”), Lego Ninjago’s, Hot wheels, Ninja turtles, swimming, air hockey, road trips, airports as he loves to fly, to name a few. I got him a BMX bike for Christmas and trying to get him to learn to ride it has presented a challenge. His favorite movies are LEGO Batman, Captain America Civil War, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 1 & 2,  All of the LEGO Ninjago series on Netflix; these movies he can watch a million time over, it doesn’t matter to him.

JAB continues to struggle, to-be understood when he speaks.  He still has what I call ticks where he will make odd noises that start out low and increases loudly within moments. He smells everything that goes into his mouth,  even if it is part of his favorite list. He doesn’t recognize this about himself. He’s oblivious to the world around him. He doesn’t recognize his differences because we do not treat him like he is different. He smiles and laughs and plays like any other 9-year-old little boy. He’s going into the 3rd grade this year and reads everything he sees, whether it’s on the streets, in the stores or in a book. One of his favorite tv shows is “Super Y” where he gets to interact with the characters. If you can’t understand what he is saying, you just say “JAB, take your time, focus and say your words”. He understands everything that is said, or asked of him or to him. His ability to follow directions in detail are impeccable. I find everything he does, coincides with his eager willingness to learn.

He loves high fives, hugs and kisses when we all know just how awesome he is in all of his accomplishments. These small accolades empowers him to do so much better. It assures him he is at his very best. Example: JAB has been taking swim lessons for about 2 years now; each and every-time he accomplishes a major task with his instructor, he turns and looks for me or his dad, my son for encouragement by giving us two thumbs up. We in turn respond back to him with two thumbs up in return. This return response assures him he is doing a great job! When his lessons are done for the day, he now responds with, I did great! Followed by a high-five.

His favorite foods are rice, string beans, fried fish, fried chicken wings, bacon, go-gurts, lemonade (fondly pronounced, lemon-juice), we know what he means; popcorn & strawberry milk;  McDonald’s chicken nuggets, french fries and chocolate milk. He’s been consistent with this variety for the past 2 plus years. I am hoping as he grows, his palate will change to include more foods. His favorite candy’s are Mike & Ikes and Starburst.

We recently purchased season tickets to Legoland. JAB’s favorite hotspot. I’ve noticed that he is becoming quite a social butterfly as he is picking up various lines to voice either his disapproval or disappointment, i.e. “Oooohhhh okaaaay”, or “reeeaaally, mom-mom…  All I can do is either laugh, chuckle or smile.  Either way, I get a kick out of him.  Let’s talk JAB!!

May Your Day Be Filled With Many Blessings.

One Love Always,